This 80-year old woman proves that getting older doesn’t have to suck

This 80-year old woman proves that getting older doesn’t have to suck

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I THINK IT’S silly whenever I hear a friend of mine groaning about “getting older.” Personally, I look forward to growing older, because it affords me new and different opportunities I couldn’t have while I was young. Do our bodies begin to decay as time passes? Probably. But that doesn’t keep some people from doing the things they love, and kicking ass in the process.

In other cultures, elders are revered, and admired. I think we’ve begun to underestimate older populations in Western society, which causes us to be ageist. Maybe if we stop hating on getting older, and start embracing the experiences it affords us, we can enjoy our lives just as much as this 80-year old woman does (the action starts at 1:40).

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